Mood Shifter - Say No to Boredom

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  • Mood Shifter - Say No to Boredom
  • Mood Shifter - Say No to Boredom

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SLOO mini 

Mood Shifter Series – Say No to Boredom


Movable body parts

Size:  Approximately 9cm tall

Material:  ABS

Produced in limited quantities.  

Actual figures may have slight differences from the image shown.

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Mood Shifter SLOO mini

It takes 9 seconds to shift your mood.  The Mood Shifter SLOO mini figures are small gadgets to remind us we can always shift our moods, take a 9 second break and be mindful of positive thoughts.

Dosage:  Hold figure in hand or place on visible surface.  With deep breaths, let your mind wander and imagine if you possess the power to be happy instantly!  Hold these good thoughts for 9 seconds.  Repeat if necessary.   

Recommendation:  Think positive repeatedly to shift your mood.  Store in a cool dry place. Do not swallow.

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