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  • Chalk SLOO with drawing
  • Chalk SLOO front view
  • Chalk SLOO right view
  • Left view of Chalk SLOO art toy figure
  • Chalk SLOO back with drawing
  • Chalk SLOO back view

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Chalk SLOO is the world's first art toy made as a chalkboard figure standing 69cm tall.

Express with your unique writing & drawing.

Movable body parts

Size:  Approximately 69cm tall

Weight: Approximately 2.2kg 

Material:  ABS Art Collectible

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* What is Priming the surface of CHALK? 

CHALK SLOO has the same surface as a normal chalkboard, and chalkboards are porous, so if you don't prime it you are at risk for your first drawing to be there permanently.  The CHALK SLOO only needs to be primed once.  Once primed, you can wipe your drawing with a slightly damp cloth and once dried you can repeatedly draw on it without priming again.

You can select YES in the above option “Would you like your CHALK SLOO primed?”  and we will prepare that for you in advance at no extra charge so you can draw right away when you receive it.  Or if you prefer to receive the CHALK SLOO figure in its original form and to prime it yourself later, please select NO in the option above when you place your order. 

( If you choose to prime the CHALK SLOO later yourself, lay a piece of chalk on its side and cover the entire SLOO figure liberally with the chalk included in the box. Rub it in with a dry cloth and then erase and you are ready to go. )



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