SLOO Graffaune by DACO

HK$ 8,000.00 

  • SLOO Graffaune by DACO
  • SLOO Graffaune by DACO

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A new addition to our Unique Art SLOO Collection from our latest collaborative project with French graffiti artist DACO.  His signature geometric patterns and lines are distinctive in his interpretation of our SLOO figure.  Accustomed to painting large and flat surfaces like concrete walls and canvases, it was challenging yet fun for DACO to apply his style and technique onto SLOO’s curvy form.


SLOO measures approximately 69cm tall and weighs approximately 2.2kg each.

This unique Art SLOO figure is fully handcrafted and designed by our collaborating artist.  Unlike our other SLOO figures in our store, they should be posed upright in standing position and we do not recommend to move the body parts as this might affect the colors hand-painted on the figures. 

Material:  ABS 

Available Quantity:  1 unique piece 

About DACO

DACO is a French artist born and living in Paris.  He obtained his master's degree at the French school Beaux-Arts de Paris, a well-known institution who plays an important role in the artistic and cultural scene in France.  His interest first began with Graffiti and then quickly found his fascination in abstract lettering “ WildStyle”


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